Warehouses of ZAMMLER POLSKA Sp.z o.o are completed with the necessary equipment that meet modern technical requirements and have convenient access roads.


  • Location: Pruszkow (Warsaw, Poland);
  • area – 2000 sq. m;
  • terminals of class «A»;
  • parking spaces for trucks;
  • security, heating, fire-fighting systems;
  • ceiling height – 10 m;
  • necessary modern warehousing equipment.


  • storage on the floor, racks, pallets;
  • complex of material-handling operations and processing of goods;
  • temporary, permanent, secure storage, customs bonded warehouse;
  • accounting, sorting, kitting, packaging, labeling, preparation for transportation, inventory, cross- docking;
  • manufacture of wooden containers for transportation;
  • recycling;
  • preparation of the necessary documentation, reporting.
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