Options for Ukrainian business to entry into the Polish market

With the support of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce on 28th April 2016, in the framework of the meeting of the Committee on international trade issues, Kyiv Chamber of Commerce held a round table discussion on the realities of Ukrainian business management in Poland.

The General Director of “ZAMMLER UKRAINE” LLC Viktor Shevchenko chaired the Committee for foreign economic activities of the Kiev Chamber of Commerce.

To the event as honored guests were invited: Advisor to the Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine BartoshMusyialovich, Vice-President of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Oleg Dubish, Director of the office of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Victoria Yalovenko, head of the international legal center “EUCON” YaroslavRomanchuk, as well as the President of the Ukrainian Logistics Association Maria Grygorak.

During the meeting, participants raised relevant issues on the Polish jurisdiction for Ukrainian businesses, which enter into the markets of the EU through Poland.

BartoshMusyialovich, Advisor to the Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine and head of the Department of promoting trade and investment, told about the promising directions in the development of cooperation between Poland and Ukraine and about the investment attractiveness of the Republicof Poland.

BartoshMasyialovich gave a number of useful recommendations what do not have to dothe Ukrainian entrepreneurs, while forming the queries to the Embassy to search for Polish business partners: “If you are going to work with the European market and with European partners, we have to do everything as “European”. First, the proposal must be written in English. Secondly, questions and suggestions should be formed briefly and specifically. Thirdly, all information about the company and portfolio of your activities should be set out accurately and correctly, to process the quires more efficiently. And a mandatory requirement – is the company website. Now in Europe, if you’re not on the Internet so you are not in real. Every self-respecting company should have a professional website, including in English. This information helps in Europe, Poland to learn more about a potential Ukrainian partner, and be interested in your offer. 80% of the requests that come to us, unfortunately, have similar errors, but the good news is that there are 20% who are professionally developing their proposals and we receive the result from mutually advantageous cooperation very quickly.”

The head of the international legal center “EUCON” YaroslavRomanchuk commented on the difference between the Ukrainian and Polish business: “We cannot transfer business rules to other countries, particularly in Poland. Almost allof our business is trying to do everything by themselves and not to use the services of professional organizations. In Poland it is the opposite: in most cases, what is non-core, send to outsourcing”.

“There are some, who are trying to enter into the Polish market after getting no success of doing business in Ukraine. There is a deep belief that if you have no serious business in the local market and have not reached success in home country, – it is very difficult to work on the Polish market,” – commented the Vice-President of the Polish-Ukrainian chamber of Commerce Oleg Dubish.

In the framework of the round table Maria Grygorak –the President of the Ukrainian Logistics Association, have identified the benefits of the logistics infrastructure of Poland for doing business in European markets, and heads of Ukrainian companies shared their experience of opening representative offices in Poland.


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